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inside the studio.

When we started, Harmony Lane Studios was always meant to be more than just a room to hold a class.  We know that there is a need to connect, rejuvenate, and spend time with your child all in one place.  So, we offer just that.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the studio that we think you'll just love.

main space

Introducing our main space.  This is where all of our classes take place.  This inviting and cozy, yet open area allows all children and caregivers to participate fully in all the fun - complete with two fully stocked closets or instruments, books, and sensory fun for everyone

stroller parking/lobby

The perfect place to dump all that stuff you're carrying around! Stroller parking, and sectioned cubical storage allow you to be completely hands free during your time here and also know exactly where your things are to make arrival and departure as smooth as possible. And after your hands are empty of diaper bags and snacks, head to our Clothes Drop and Swap, or Community Board!  

coffee corner

The Coffee Corner... Created specifically for you to recharge, relax and re-caffinate (if thats your vibe), and connect.  Stocked up with a Nespresso machine, milk frothier, coffee maker, mini fridge, and recyclable to-go cups... we're ready for ya! 

mother's room

Welcome to the Mother's Room.  This completely private room is perfect for the caregiver who needs to breastfeed, pump, change a diaper, or just sit for a moment and recharge.  A variety of diaper sizes, wipes, and all the changing goods are there for your little one, and for you... nipple pads, nipple cream, face masks, an encouragement wall, and all those little things you need are ready and waiting. 

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