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ages 1y to 2y

By now, your kiddos to a whole new world of movement and sounds.  By now, the toddlers are toddling and the adults are... keeping up (am I right?).  In the 1y-2y class we put primary focus on

  • opposites (high and low, in and out, fast and slow, etc.)

  • fine and gross motor skills  

  • introduction to using different instruments during music 

  • the bodies physical reaction to different tempos of music 

  • social-emotional learning 

the 1, 2 steps

Harmony Lane Studios
30 S Main St. Poland, Oh 44514

Class options for morning, evening,
and weekend

Offered Tuesday, Wednesday, 
and Saturday

$67 billed monthly for 1 child and 1 caregiver ($52 for any additional child)

maximum of 10 "kid spots" available per class

Want to see the full schedule and get enrolled?


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