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  • What is the pricing for enrollment?
    Pricing is $68 per billed monthly through our online portal. This price covers one child and one adult. Any additional child is $52.
  • How does the enrollment work?
    We use an enrollment software to make scheduling as easy as possible for you. Once you enroll in a class, you will be enrolled until you give us a two week notice that you no longer wish to be enrolled, or you child is aging up to another class level. The two week notice is to give us time to reach out to our waitlisted families who are looking for a spot in class!
  • What happens when I have multiple kids that are different ages? Can I still come?
    No prob! You can sign up for our “mixed ages class” that way you can bring all of your kiddos between ages 0 and 5 to one class.
  • What about all the payments, and other policies?
    When you enroll in classes you will receive a parent portal that will house your payment information, give you access to reading through all of the policies of the studio, and all the other details of your enrollment.
  • I work and can’t get there during the day. What am I supposed to do?
    We got you covered!Harmony Lane will be open Tuesday through Saturday with a morning, evening, and weekend option available for each class offered.
  • I have twins (or triplets or more)… how does that work?
    First of all... God bless ya! No problem. We have “10 kid spots” available per class.So if you are signing up you and your twins, that would count as “2 kid spots” being taken and leave 8 spots remaining. You do not need to have one adult per child in order to attend.
  • Can I bring my older child to sit while I am participating in the class with my younger child?
    Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accommodate any individual who is not actively participating in the class (adult or child) due to our capacity. The only people allowed in the building are adults and children who are signed up for that specific class and are actively participating.
  • If I have more than one child in a class do I have to have more than one adult with them?
    Nope! As long as there is an adult responsible for the children present, and they are all signed up and enrolled in the class, you are good to go. There is no one to one rule.
  • Can a grandparent or sitter bring my child to class?
    Of course! We would love to have them! As long as there is a caregiver attending and participating with each child or set of siblings during the class, you are good to go.
  • Can I drop off my child and come back to get them after class?
    No. These classes are specifically designed for a child AND a caregiver. An adult must accompany a child for the entirety of their time in the studio. Classes are designed for you both to have a fun time!
  • I missed a class... can I make it up?
    Absolutely. You are billed regardless if you miss a class, however you have access to make ups which can be scheduled up to 48 prior to the desired class. These makeups will be available on your account for one month and will expire the following month.
  • How many adults are allowed to accompany a child to class?
    We allow a one caregiver to one child (or less) ratio. Please take a look at a chart below which explains this in detail!
  • Can I pause my account and save my spot in class?
    We are able to pause your account AND keep your spot in that specific class for one month. For any month you chose to pause after that time period, we will no longer be able to hold the spot in the class due to a growing waitlist. However, you may re-enroll at any time in a class where there are openings.
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