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Calling them classes and instructors is fine... but wouldn't you rather join a band with a band manager?!

We offer four different groups - each with curriculum curated by our staff specifically for the needs of each group. Together, our staff has over 30 years of experience in Music Education, Education, and PT for little ones; not to mention are all on the daily rollercoaster of trying to entertain babies and toddlers... we are right there with you.

And because of that... we understand that listening to music over and over (and over) again from your kids favorite toy or tv show is not the ideal way to decompress. So, we have made sure to center our classes around music that everyone can enjoy, while still hitting those developmental needs of your kiddos.

our class structure.

Our classes are built around our four pillars of curriculum: music, fine motor, gross motor, and social emotional learning objectives. 

In addition to those goals, we also prioritize socialization, play, and sequencing patterns within our hour of class.


The Foundations


0-12 months

DSC09379 copy.JPG

The 1, 2 steps




The Jackson 3 to 5's



DSC09088 copy.JPG

The Mix Tapes


Mixed (all)

we offer...

we also offer...

Weekly Yoga


no commitment.
just relaxing.


ready to join us?!

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